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CENTER (Experience): - RED/ORANGE


     RIGHT SIDE (Expression): - ORANGE

  LEFT SIDE (Future): - ORANGE


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HEART (Empathy): - ORANGE


THROAT (Communication): - RED/ORANGE


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TEXT BY: Aura Imaging Demonstration System.


     Right now you are driven to express yourself! You want to bring out and promote your creative ideas and inspiration. Now you have the confidence and certainty to stand on your own and show the world who you are. "Creative" and "dynamic" would best describe you now. You are a lively and entertaining companion and usually find yourself the center of attention in most social situations. You may be an inspired entertainer or artist, or perhaps an entrepreneur with an original product. Whatever you do, people are entranced by your charisma and originality.



    Activity generating energy is coming into your energy field. Orange is a mixture of active red and intellectual yellow. In this position of your auric field, it indicates that a creative future lies in front for you. There is activity, wakefulness, and inspiration unfolding in your being. You will have opportunities to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. Orange is known to give way to green, a color that signifies healing and growth after a balancing period is over. Now is a good time to run with new opportunities.



    The world sees you as a warm and creative individual. You are constantly expending energy outward. Orange is a mixture of red, a color that symbolizes passion and force of will, and yellow, a color that represents cheerfulness, intellectual capability, and expression. People see you as an upbeat, happy, capable, and creative person. You like to get out, have fun, and just be yourself.



    People can't help but be drawn to your charismatic personality. You can't help energetically and dynamically expressing yourself. You are a natural entertainer and enjoy basking in the limelight. People find you a fascinating, lively companion and are instantly drawn to you. Friendship comes easily. You are the life of the party.



    What you desire most in life is self-expression, autonomy, independence, and freedom. You are an original thinker and a risk taker. You must live life on your terms in order to be happy. You are carefree, imaginative, and ready for adventure. You may be inspired and excited about a new creative project or endeavor.


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