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Aura 3D Updates

More information about the general features of this program you can get here.

Aura 3D latest additions and updates. Please feel free to contact us to order the latest version.
Current version is 1.51

Vers. 1.51: Bug fix Unicode Error on printing/changing config

Vers. 1.50: Bug fix Write protection files in folder Tmp

Vers. 1.49: Bugfixes on Arabic letter support

Vers. 1.48: appdata directory use of the current user to review and change user data (mainly for Win7 compatibity)

Vers. 1.47: Screen size bug fix

Vers. 1.46: Error Message Bug fix

Vers. 1.45: Show Internal Report fixed for Win7/Vista compatibility

Vers. 1.44: New function included: Shift-F10 now activates the 3D wiggle display inside Aura3D

Vers. 1.43: Bugfix AuraPrintout and Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish and Persian text implemented and language menu sorted alphabetically

Vers. 1.42: Bugfix with the estimation if chakras are regular or not in the optional chakra texts CHA.txt, ROO.txt, SEX.txt, SPL.txt, HRT.txt, THT.txt, THE.txt and CRN.txt inside the language folder LANG. It is now possible to define the range for irregularity by the user by setting the variables #DIFFREGULARTOP=20 and #DIFFREGULARBOTTOM=-20 to certain values inside the file CHA.txt. By default they are set to 20 and -20 if these values have not been defined.

Vers. 1.41: Little bugfix: if no snapshot img was available framework would crash - fixed

Vers. 1.40: On startup the second model (slim 3D woman figure) will be displayed and not the first model (man's model). Session pause button is now available in the control top frame window. Little language bug fix with information data in the control top frame window.

Vers. 1.30: Bugfix with label setting, user langage enabled for the program´s GUI, Direct Scene Change is now available in via F1-F6 via the menu of the framework as well as the pause key which freezes and unfreezes the aura display.

Vers. 1.25: Removed the floating promotion text Aura Imaging, removed the register nag screen bug fix of the menu shortcuts at Image Display menu top Dongle count is now visible from program start on and will be updated more frequently than before

Vers.1.20: First release of the program, Complete Text Printout included in a dozen languages, first official release of the program

Vers.1.00: Snapshot function enabled

Please contact us to get further information or the update of the program .

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