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WinAuraStar 6000 Updates

More information about the general features of this program you can get here.

WinAuraStar 6000 latest additions and updates. Please feel free to contact us to order the latest version.
Current version is 4.12

Vers.4.12: Bug fix entry of release number

Vers.4.11: Bug fix ini-file loading for Japanese

Vers.4.10: introduction_chakra.txt was changed to non-table format because it sometimes caused a blank page to appear, the new format is still avalaible as introduction_chakra_new.txt in the LANG directory

Vers.4.09: Compensation factors are now saved in the win registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment\Compensation which makes it easier on Win7 systems to have compensation factors throughout the complete system for other programs like WinAura or Aura3D

Vers.4.08: 5 element histogram was improved wiht middle average line and and min and max values of the five elements

Vers.4.07: Changed settings for image input of title image which reduces the size of the output file to a fourth of the original size (~ 5 MB)

Vers.4.05: changed to non-table format because it sometimes caused a blank page to appear, the new format is still avalaible as introduction_chakra_new.txt in the LANG directory

Vers.4.03: Registry bug fix for Win7

Vers.4.01: Bug fix for Win7 Tmp directory and graphic files for torsos

Vers.4.00: Message Box in the StartFrame for entering the release number has been emphasized more clearly with red text color Bugfix with the estimation if chakras are regular or not in the optional chakra texts CHA.txt, ROO.txt, SEX.txt, SPL.txt, HRT.txt, THT.txt, THE.txt and CRN.txt inside the language folder LANG. It is now possible to define the range for irregularity by the user by setting the variables #DIFFREGULARTOP=20 and #DIFFREGULARBOTTOM=-20 to certain values inside the file CHA.txt. By default they are set to 20 and -20 if these values have not been defined.

Vers.3.99: Bug fix Write protection files in folder Tmp

Vers.3.98: Show Internal Report fixed for Win7/Vista compatibility

Vers.3.97: Bugfix AuraPrintout and Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish and Persian text implemented and language menu sorted alphabetically

Vers.3.96: Five Element Wheel was added to the printout so that the complete printout now comprises exactly 30 pages

Vers.3.95: Five Element wheel was added to the new aura curve displays Can be selected in Printout Configuration - Text Printout Aura Curve Style. Four level histogram was changed to Multi-Purpose display which now shows up to 5 different displays according to the settings inside Printout Configuration - Text Printout - Multi-purpose display PRINT SNAPSHOT prints the multi-purpose display instead of the four fixed four levels - four levels is still available if this has been chosen to be the multi-purpose display Also one can view the statistics file of made printouts by choosing the menu entry "Report Printout - Show Internal Report" and holding the CTRL key at the same time

Vers.3.94: Bugfixes on Arabic letter support

Vers.3.93: 5 element histogram was improved with middle average line and and min and max values of the five elements

Vers.3.92: Color table WinAuraStar.pal was updated and corrected

Vers.3.91: appdata directory of the current user to review and change user data (mainly for Win7 compatibity) has been changed from C:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUser\Application Data\WinAuraStar to C:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUser\Application Data\WinAuraStar6000 in order not to conflict with WinAuraStar program user data installed on the same machine

Vers.3.90: It is now possible to use up to 200 bonus dongle points without a WinAura dongle attached to the system. After 100 used points there is a warning to purchase a dongle. If the dongle points reach 0 you need to plug a dongle into the system

Vers.3.85: Changes in save locations for temporary files. These files are now saved to the appdata directory of the current user to review and change this data (mainly for Win7 compatibity) (usually in C:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUser\Application Data\WinAuraStar) Also one can view the statistics file of made printouts by choosing the menu entry "Report Printout - Show Internal Report" and holding the CTRL key at the same time

Vers.3.84: Five Element Wheel was added to the printout so that the complete printout now comprises exactly 30 pages

Vers.3.83: The warranty module count of the auracam handplate is displayed in the right status bar entry

Vers.3.82: File operations work now by default with c:\mydocuments\WinAuraStar as standard directory If the user changes to a different directory this will be remembered for the next file operation

Vers.3.81: Bugfix Four Level display was frozen

Vers.3.80: Complete Chinese text implemented and bug fix for the form size color printout of the solar plexus chakra

Vers 3.78: Three different aura curve displays are now available. These can be chosen in Printout Configuration under Text Printout

Vers 3.77: Client´s name is reset after each printout (useful for fairs where the aura photograph might forget to reset the name and the old name is still on the next printout for another customer.

Vers 3.75: Size, Form and Color variation can be taken into account in the Aura Chakra Report if there are text files in the language directory called ROO.txt, SEX.txt, SPL.txt, HRT.txt, THT.txt, THE.txt and CRN.txt in a certain text format. These additional texts are printed behind each regular chakra text

Vers 3.70: Percentages are greyed out in the printout in case they do not match

Vers.3.60: It is now possible to show individual love colors in the printout if the the love colors page is selected and turned on. Requirement: There have to be the 22 files ??LOV.txt inside the language directory from which you want to print. If these files are missing only the two standard love color pages will be printed out as before.

Vers.3.51: Check if WinAuraStar is already executed, maximize this window and stop execution of 2nd copy.

Vers.3.50: Bug in loading an saved Aura file (index out of range)

Vers.3.45: Several minor and major bugfixes

Vers.3.33: Some minor bug corrections (Body Soul Spirit labels as well as the labels for the elements and chakras were always in English), save and load directory places were put the my_documents folder for Vista/Win7 compatibility and user convenience

Vers.3.21: Error management improved - error box will show up in case of error and log file will be written/appended

Vers.3.20: Full Arabic and Hebrew language support enabled with RTL-text direction and some adaptations for Arabic text. Some Persian texts are alreday available.

Vers.3.10: There is possibility to have tables inside the pdf text printouts now. These tables can hold paragraphs, images, have their own background cell colors, have colored grids or boxes as table boundary or make the boundaries of table invisible. Some modificatios with the regular text printout: New: Name and date on the 2nd page (aura photo), 3rd page holds with header the complete body aura graphic. You can also insert your company logo onto the 2nd page and have a large background graphic on the 2nd page.

Vers.3.05: Yin Yang Meter added which displays the inner balance percentage as a yin yang graphic. Clockwise movement indicates percentage better than 50 %, anticlockwise movement indicates less than 50% fast movement indicates extreme high or low percentages, slow movement indicates middle percentages the color of the meter is the current average aura color

Vers.3.01: The inner balance function has been populated with function. It now takes into account the deviation of elements and chakra sizes in comparision to the average element and chakra size and returns a value between 0 and 100 %

Vers.2.90: Print Macros implemented: Preinstalled PrintMacros in PrintMacros.ini as well as free definable macros which can be recorded and played. This helps a lot on fairs and makes printouts easy.

Vers.2.82: Full French language support for the unicode decoding Windows-1252 which holds all special French characters

Vers.2.81: Snapshot pageformat can be chosen in printout configuration and is saved into the ini-file

Vers.2.80: New algorithm for Body Soul Spirit based on the colors which are seen while calibrating

Vers.2.71: Renamed inner ultra-violet aura switch to Ultra Aura layer switch

Vers.2.70: Added the inner ultra-violet aura switch (can be accessed in Printout Configuration)

Vers.2.60: Added an astro color page into the printout as the last page of the Aura Photo printout. The text files for this (00SGN.txt to 21SGN.txt) were added to Texts as well as the image files (01SGN.jpg to 21SGN.jpg) into the Images folder. This text page can enabled/disabled in the Printout configuration.

Vers.2.50: Compensation factors in various modes built in. You now have the possibility to use compensation factors: never
use them but reset them to zero at program start
use them but reset them to zero at the first use of the program today
use them and have no automatic reset (like AuraCam6000 or WinAura)
Also manual reset in menu entry Compensation Factors at menu top Printout and display of the current compensation factors

Vers.2.41: Bug fix with ad_rgb routine for no value with handplate input 120

Vers.2.40: Changed and updated Splash screen and Start/Help image for WinAuraStar 6000C

Vers.2.39: Bug fix with Save settings in Printout Configuaration for foreign character codes in adress user line, complete Spanish text support: For printout as well for the GUI inside the program, American texts modified to fit on letter pages, help files and manual docs updated

Vers.2.38: If chakras are holding disharmonious energies this will be displayed as a darker color than before, special new Kryon Aura Chakra Colors available

Vers.2.35: Fast speed report implemented containing six pages (full aura display Chakra report introduction, 7 chakra interpretations, seven chakras histogram, five elements and four levels bargraphs) for busy fairs where people stand in line.

Vers.2.32: Size enlarged of the photo portrait and size diminished of the aura curve

Vers.2.30: Complete unicode support (29 unicode decodings now available) for many languages like Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek and now new: Hebrew and Arabic with reversed writing direction

Vers.2.21: Bugfix computing compensation factor

Vers.2.12: Error message occurring while running the program will be logged into the file errorlog.txt inside the directory Tmp

Vers.2.11: If there should be any error with the webcam one can delete the file Webcam.txt inside the root dir of WinAuraStar. If it is not existent WinAuraStar will not look for any attached webcam to the system and it will start up without webcam support The file Webcam.txt holds two lines with x resolution (first line) and y resolution (second line) as numbers like:
which can be set by the user for his specific webcam in use Change of resolution is also possible in adjustment of property pin available under Webcam menu

Vers.2.10: Webcam adjustment of property pin available under webcam menu

Vers.2.08: Webcam bug fixed which lead to crash on startup if wrong resolution was set or resolution of the webcam could not be set to 640 x 480

Vers.2.07: There is a new portrait display mode in which you can switch off the background so that the colors are clearly visible and the face needs no correction in brightness and contrast. So there are three display modes for portrait display: Only face, face and torso with background, face and torso without background

Vers.2.05: You can not print a date/time stamp onto the printouts into the footer line if you wish or omit it, up to three different date time formats avaiable

Vers.2.01: Better graphic resolution of the photo in the printout and on the snapshot - no pixels are visible anymore

Vers.2.00: Vast revisions undertaken: There is now a fast large display for the four aura display modes in which one can run sessions, switch between the different displays, print photos or make snapshots. This large display can be called while running sessions Some minor bug fixes with snapshot routine, test routine in large display bug fix in debug file building for unicode text
Further improvement: Labels show up when moving the mouse over the images, meters and buttons

Vers.1.81: Bugfix: If no webcam is connected to the system program crashed after start, fixed

Vers.1.80: Four little buttons below the aura image can be chosen to change between the image displays

Vers.1.70: Reads now a user langugage file called WinAuraStar.lng in the root directory. If existent it uses the strings inside this file for menus, message boxes, frames and buttons. There must be another file called WinAuraStar.unicode which contains the unicode method like iso-8859-1 or windows-1251. All available language files are stored inside the folder Languages in the root directory - each language file pair WinAuraStar.unicode and WinAuraStar.lng has a folder of its name like American, Deutsch, English, Spanish etc \n means line break \t means tab, multiple lines possible

Vers.1.61: Update of the right WinAuraStar6000 Update web page

Vers.1.60: The bargraphs of five elements, four levels and seven chakras now show native language abbreviations for the five elements, four levels and seven chakras which are stored inside the file abbreviations.txt in the language directory - not possible for Asian fonts though since letters are too small, but for Russian language Spanish language completely tested and integrated into the setup
Complete Spanish language support tested and integrated into the setup

Vers.1.55: The chakra display has been improved to be more accurate for extreme large or small chakra sizes

Vers.1.50: It is now possible to work with webcam input, use a static webcam input image, the brigthness and contrast can be adjusted or set back to default, one can use any webcam connected to the system, change between webcams while running the program and also change the PIN Filter properties of the webcams, one can load and save webcam images
built-in update page is called by webbrowser for overview of available update versions of WinAuraStar bug fix: language was not adjusted properly after session run, fixed

Vers.1.25: Bug fix in face detection routine if face detection routine cannot find a face in the photo image

Vers.1.23: Made the Japanese title scalable for the body soul spirit pie

Vers 1.20: Japanese text support completed. Now waiting for the final texts to see if everything is working fine. Furthermore you can select the style of the five channel bargraphs and save it to the INI-file.

Vers 1.19: Automatically adjust Unicode decodings for each language - it makes no sense to freely adjust the unicode. Most of the time the user forgets to adjust the decoding or does not even know about it.

Vers 1.18: Russian text support completed. Now also on the screen for Body Soul Spirit graph as well as for the Aura Curve which now displays the Russian letters correctly for colors and areas

Vers 1.17: Selection of action before printing implemented. Asks user if he wants to preview (YES-Default), print (NO) or cancel printing at all. For text printout as well as for snapshot.

Vers 1.15: Russian Unicode is now supported and displayed in neat Russian Text if Windows-1251 is selected as Unicode format

Vers 1.06: Fixed a major und unpleasant bug with the printout. Sometimes the print routine could not build the pdf file since it was in use by PDF creator for printing.

Vers 1.05: Snapshot writes TESTING in big letters over the snapshot printout in case there is no actual input from the handplate or we are in testmode

Vers 1.04: Snapshot now remembers the last setting for the page format and adjust itself in case the pageformat is changed somewhere else from A4 to letter or vice versa

Vers 1.03: if test mode is enabled printout shows TESTING in capital letters in the header and footer line

Vers 1.00: Some minor bugs fixed (tempfiles did not work, Choose own dir implemented, Help installed)

Please contact us to get further information or the update of the program .

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