She is expressing & experiencing bluesensitive, emotional. She brings magic purple, spiritual white into her life.
This woman is highly creative, and her thoughts are focused. She expresses herself assertively. She is happy.
The white surrounding this man reveals he is spiritually motivated. He is very well-balanced.
This youth shows the orange typical of adolescents. He would make a good friend, as he expresses peacefulness.
Green is hard-working and goal-oriented. He aspires for a peaceful life and is expressing how love aglow in pink.
This man is multi-faceted. You can see his throat chakra vibrating in loving lavender.
This man is feeling peace, ternderness, love and affection. Aspring for intellectual goals.
She is aglow in blue. She is a clear communicator. She is content with her place in life.
Awash in creative orange, expressing his practical side in green, and aspiring to a spiritual peace.